Who Are You?

Marcia's Identity Theory

Peoples identity is based off of many thing, but identity does not always stay the same, it changes over time. There are different stages of finding an identity. An identity is based on two major parts of life, occupation and ideology. These two form your identity and then go into the second stage which is the four different identity statuses.

Social Identity Theory

Social Identity is a person's sense of who they are based on a group membership.

Looking Glass

A persons self grows out of a persons social interaction with others. Th view of our self comes from a contemplation of personal qualities and impressions of how others prose eve us.


Marcia's Theory was founded by James Marcia's

Social identity theory was founded by Tajfel

Looking glass theory was founded by Charles Horton

Elements of Theory's

Marcia's elements were occupation, ideology, identity statues,identity diffusion, foreclosure, and moratorium.

Social identity theory's elements Social categorization, Social identification, and social comparison.

Looking through glass elements are believing , imagine, and judgment.  


The three theories all connected with social identity and how we see ourselves as who we are and who we want to be. we can tell this by the article which states " The view of ourselves the come from the contemplation of personal qualities and impressions of how others perceive us." The difference between the theories are the theories themselves because they give a different perspective on social identity.


A: We form and shape our identities from our experiences and from the people around us, which forms who we become as a person.

A: That person must ignore society and the standards and live completely content and happy with their self.  Not listen to what others around them say and what others think about them.

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