Rocks and Weathering

Rocks are a strong material. They were used for castles, statues and many other things.  There are three kinds of rocks, but first, let me give a brief summary of the Earth.

We live on the crust. It is the thinnest layer of our planet, stretching about 60 kilometres down into the ground. After that is the mantle, the thickest part of the planet, made up entirely of molten rock. Then there is the inner and outer core, balls of iron and nickel, about the same temperature as the surface of the sun. (3100-5500 degrees C.)

Rock type 1: Sedimentary rock is a mud so compacted, that it actually becomes rock. It is by far the most common type of rock. e.g. Limestone.

Rock type 2: Igneous rock is rock pushed up from the mantle, then it cools. essentially, it is cooled magma. e.g. Granite.

Rock type 3: metamorphic rock is crystallised sedimentary rock. e.g. Quartz.

The things that weather the rock such as wind carring sand, waves hitting the rock. The most common is the heat cycle. The outer layer expands in the heat then it gets colder and cracks and tgis cycle goes on till the layer has fallen and the cycle can restart.

Fossils are made by the carcus of a dinosaur is on mud then the carcus get buried and the mud hardens over the dinosaur carcus or what ever animal it is. The mud or now rock preserves the bones.

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