Technology use in Future.

Cybernation : Understanding Technology,Derrick Millard
By: Rahul Singh


The development and distribution of advanced sensors will turn diagnoses from knowledgeable guesses with incomplete information into idiosyncratic, data-driven procedures.

At-home sensors, Big data, Blood stream sensors, Epidermal sensors, External sensors, In-clothes sensors, Ingestible sensors, Internal sensors, Medical tricorder, Non-invasive glucose sensors, Open health records, Question answering computing systems, Rapid gene sequencing, Tissue-embedded sensors.


Technological replacements to human features can not only restore senses to those without, but could also enhance conventional attributes into remarkable capabilities.

Auditory vision substitution, Augmented hearing, Augmented olfaction, Enhanced metabolism, Exoskeletons, Hybrid assisted limbs, Myoelectric prosthesis, Neuroprosthetics, Optogenetics, Sensory augmentation, Telescopic & microscopic vision.


Hopeless searches for matching donors and the irreplaceability of major organs and body parts will fade away as synthetic or grow-to-order organics are further developed.

3D-printed organs, Artificial general-purpose cells, Artificial limbs, Artificial muscles, Artificial retinas, Artificial vascular system, Synthetic & artificial organs, Synthetic blood, Tissue regeneration.

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