• Aruba is locate in the Americas around the Caribbean islands.
  • Capital- Oranjestad

                                                      The National Anthem of Aruba

Aruba appreciated native land our venerated cradle you may be small and simple but yet you are respected. Oh Aruba dear country our rock so beloved our love for you is so strong that nothing can destroy it. Your beaches so much admire with palm trees all adorned your coat of arms and flag is the proudness of us all! The greatness of our people is their great cordiality that God may guide and preserve his love for liberty!


  • Refined petroleum
  • crude petroleum
  • hard liquor
  • rolled tobacco
  • cars
  • coal
  • tar oil


  • Refined petroleum
  • corn
  • rolled tobacco
  • hard liquor
  • Currency in Aruba - it is different from the united states, instead of the original american dollar there is the Aruban Florin.
  • The Aruban exchange rate
  • Aruban Florin= 1       American dollar= 0.56
    • Where to get your passport- You have to go to a passport agency and then after filling out paperwork you must send it to the passport acceptance facility.
    • How to get a visa- the department of immigration
    • How much does a visa cost- $160.00 american dollars
    • Population of Aruba-  102,384
    • Life expectancy

                 Male-  72                                       Female-77

    • Size compared to the United States- Aruba is only slightly larger than Washington D.C.

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