Possible Uses for Tackk

I could've put a sub-headline here

1. Invitations & Events

Why they are better on Tackk?

  • Easily customizable/stylized.
  • Incorporation of maps for the invitation/event.
  • Ability to add media such as movies, music, and photos to make them more interesting!
  • Comment boxes with linkage to any service one might have, allowing for easier RSVPing / discussion.

2. Online Comics

  • Ability to easily add media allows for quick placement of comic slides/parts, as well as possible addition of movies and music.
  • Linking back and forth from Tackk to Tackk allows for easy navigation through comic editions.
  • Linking also grants the ability to easily create and index page for all comic editions.
  • Once again, comment box (it's pretty much the best thing ever for everything).

3. Stuff Collabs!

  • Easily placeable media features.
  • Can link to the artists who created the pieces smoothly.
  • Easily indexable by category.
  • I'm a broken record; Comment Boxes = Best Ever

4. Better Blogging

  • Media allows for easy way to see to what the blogger might be talking about.
  • The way Tackk's work makes it easy for blogs to be what they are, talking in an endless fashion.
  • Easy linking and tagging.
  • Two words. Comment, Boxes.

5. Shopping!

  • I'm not sure this feature is implemented yet (it is Tackk beta), but there is a so-called "checkout" feature you can see, but not add. This will (probably) allow for easy checkout, if the name is to be believed.
  • You could pretty easily create individual Tackk pages for each product, then link them back to a central index/hub.
  • It's like a catalog, but you can comment on the items.

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