Mineola Texas

By: Bayleigh Brannan

Mineola is a beautiful place. Mineola has allot of exciting things going on even right now. Mineola has allot of really cool shop and allot more


               Mineola has allot of really cool antique shops all around the square.

Places to eat

Mineola has allot of places to eat.One place to eat is the famous east Texas burger.

                     HERE ARE THERE LOVELY BURGERS. YUM YUM!!!!

Another Place is Wingdinger's has three different kinds of places in one.You can just go get ice cream or you can get donuts.Or you can just get regular food from Wingdinger's.

Mineola map

Mineola School

Mineola school has archived allot this year. The football team made it state. The band has gotten allot better . Mineola has had a great semester, and we are looking for a even better one next year.

                      The football teams has done a whole bunch this football season

                           Mineola football team has made it all the way to the state                                                     championship and we are hoping to win this !!!!!

Mineola we wish you luck

                            Here are some video of are awesome football team

Mineola Chamber of Commerce

Mineola Civic Center

                                      The civic Center is a really cool place

Mineola Nature Persevere

Mineola Nature persevere is a really beautiful place to go and rid horse or walk                                                     you will see so many things.

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