Sigmund Freud's influence on Psychoanalysis

This article went through the achievements of Freud and his impact on the psychological community. He practically invented psychoanalysis and the key theories that surround it. Freud dedicated a good bit of his career to researching and analyzing mental illnesses. In the past, mental illness was thought to be of organic origin and the patients were labeled as insane and uncontrollable. Freud disagreed and challenged all of the previous theories concerning diseases of the mind. He changed the views of mental disabilities and the treatments for them. Before, patients were strapped to bedposts and constrained in sanatoriums, but Freud changed all of that and this is considered to be a major breakthrough in the overall field of psychology.

To me, this article went over what we learned in class just with more details pertaining to mental diseases. I also found it interesting how primitive the methods were that dealt with such patients at the time. Compared to the special treatment mentally disabled people get now-a-days it seems exceedingly cruel what they did to the patients back then. I understand they had less knowledge and were trying new tactics but it still seems so inhuman and unjustified. What gives one person the right to do such acts upon another living person? It both repulses and interests me, while also making me glad that we had great minds like Sigmund Freud who dared to think out of the norm and alter the views of society. Due to Freud's ability to think unlike his predecessors, people with certain disabilities can live better lives today and receive the treatment that they rightfully deserve.

-Kelsei Bixler pd.3-4

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