Internet Safety

Is it Safe?

     When you get on your computer or cellphone, you send messages, post pictures, and everything, you know. You have a lot of friends some that you know and maybe people that you do not know.  You have to be careful of what you post or to who you are sending messages because some of the people you don't know can ask you where you live , or what's your name, well they will ask you to tell them your Personal Information, but if you tell them where you live they might come to your house,( like the map below). You should not tell them anything.  

To continue, when you are playing games like Roblox or any other game do not create usernames that say your gender, like if you are a boy don't create one that says "spider-boy"  or "spider-man" and if you are a girl don't put  "Awesome-girl" or "black cat- girl" because  the usernames tell your gender.


  • Don't tell anyone not even your friends your passwords.
  • Do not tell anyone your personal Information.
  • Do not create usernames that say your gender.
  • If you you post something you will have to deal with the  consequences/ tell an adult.

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