Photography Challenge

#1. Self Portrait

At the Timberman Triathalon Event

#2. What Makes Me Smile

My keyboard

#3. Bold Colors

One of my model rockets taking off

#4. Dinner

My most recent dinner at Rockport's Top Dog

#5. From a High Angle

The street from my garage window

#6. From a Low Angle

My living room from the floor

#7. What I Wore Today

What I wore one day in the winter

#8. Black and White

My soccer shin guards

#9. A Mess

My closet (and the things that live inside it)

#10. Hands

My hands in my hallway

#11. What i Will Remember About RMS

My soccer team from spring 2015. First place in our division

#12. The Ocean

Pigeon Cove Harbor with Brickly, Lego's giant sea serpent from Down Town Disney coming to visit

#13. A Sunset

Me on Boca Grande beach in Florida after my dad's Disney Marathon Challenge

#14. Night Sky

My view of the sky with my catalpa tree in the front

#15. My Shoes

My sneakers on the track

#16. Something I Made

A Lego creation I made

#17. Someone I Love

My dog, Max, the cocker spaniel dressed up for his birthday in March

#18. A Childhood Memory

My friends from NY in our Jeep

#19. From a Distance

The school score board

#20. My Hero

My grandfather, Jim Davison

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