8.2 Reflections

By Meredith Pilgreen


a. b. c.

d. Leonardo da Vinci would probably ask me to work on my spacing and the letter "a" because it almost looks like the letter "o". I am right handed so when my hand moves left to right when I write then I guess it would make sense if a left-handed person moved their hand right to left. I never thought about that as a reflection but it is a good example of a reflection. Another thing I thought about is back then they wrote with the feathers with ink and he probably didn't want the ink to smear on what he was writing and get ink on his hand either.


This is a good example of a reflection because you can see the reflection of the clouds in the sky and the trees from the water. The water is very clear and acting as if a mirror to the trees and the clouds.

This is actually a edit you can do on photo booth and I took this a long time ago but it shows what a reflection is. I'm looking the same way back at myself in this picture almost like in the other picture but the water was acting as a mirror. There almost is an invisible line going down the middle of this picture and you could almost consider an x axis to find on a graph like if you used this a graph my eyes would be in the same ordered pair but reflected across that x axis or line also one pair would be negative and the other would be positive.

I talked about a mirror before telling how my reflections worked well a mirror is one more example of how reflections work. In a reflection across a mirror everything shows up backwards so if you hold up a word in the mirror it will be completely backwards and thats how writing those two sentences earlier worked and you could check your backwards one because it turned out right after it was reflected in the picture.