Cat Saving

Joshua Dale  4/16/2014

Backyard of my cousin Tommy's House
Mid winter
Snowboard and sled
We hear a meow
We look around
Can't find anything
We hear it again
We look at the old wooden swings
There sits a beautiful cat
But all skin and bones
We take the cat to his mom
They had no cat food
So we called her Snowball
So instead we fed her dog food

Two years later
At my dad's cousins house
Dad's cousins name is Joe
His family abused animals
So we toke one in
We named him KC
KC is a soft black and white cat
He was so young
We got home
He started chasing his tail
Like a dog
We laughed

Just a year ago
Dad was working
I was home
One day
He took some pictures
Of this small kitten
That is orange with a white spiral on the side
So young
"He was thrown out of a car."
My dad said
They called him Premier
He went to Chicago
He got all better
Then one day
My dad
Brought him home
Premier was gassy
One night
He slept in my room
On my bed
In my arms
I love my cats
With lots of
Care and respect
And i will always take in more animals
That need love and support.

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