It was Christmas morning, my boyfriend (soon to be fiancé), and I left our apartment to go to my parents house. We arrived there, opened our presents from them and then we all headed over to our very good family friends house. We had breakfast and all the little kids opened their presents and the adults went next. I was the last to open mine, he handed me the one from him, and said to open it last, so I opened the others first. The video camera turned to me. We had been recording the whole thing, so I thought nothing of it, I opened the gift, and found a box wrapped in duct tape. I opened that one only to find another, and another, and about five duck tape wrapped boxes later, and a very irritated me, I finally found my gift, a little silver ring box. I opened the ring box and.. nothing, it was empty! I looked up to see if this was some kind of joke, and just then he reached into his back pocket, got down on one knee and popped the question! I screamed yes and tackled him to the floor! :)

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