My Great Uncle Sharon E. Waggoner M.D.

By: Darlene Mattson

My Great Uncle Sharon E. Waggoner M.D.,

Enlisted to serve his beloved
U.S.A in WW II, serving with the army Air Corps,
15th AF,464th Bombardment, 766th Squadron, out of Pantanella, Italy
As a top notch pilot of a B-24...
While flying over some 60 bombing missions without a personal injury to..
him or a crew member of his.

Many times the stories would tell of him limping,
the "Pistol Packin Mama" Plane, he commanded back to base,
Even occasion almost ditching into the Adriatic Sea.
One such recorded story is of a bombing run, he lead to blast one of Adolf Hitler's Large oil refineries, near Budapest, Hungary,

Captains Waggoner's plane was hit.....
Two fire in the lower fuselage area, as well as a fire in one
of the four energies, resulting in them losing that one engine, now flying on only three engines.

Captain Waggoner's continued to lead his air group over the target with devastating accuracy.
Inside the oil refinery Captain Waggoner's B-24 lost two more,
Now flying on Only one engine and the mission completed.....
He and his B-24 crew limped back to home base....
Prior to landing, the "Pistol packin Mama" lost her Very Last engine...
But the top notch Captain Waggoner landed B-24 intact with no casualties recorded.
That mission earned Capitan Waggoner, the "Distinguished Flying Cross" Medal and a promotion to Major Waggoner!!!

During the course of the war, the major also earned, the" Air Medal with Three Oak Leaf Cluster"
A " European African Middle Eastern Theater Service" Medal and many other Distinguished Military Awards.

  Major Waggoner left the military behind him, on the 16th day of December 1945 at Fort MacArthur, California and went to Medical School and...
became once again a top notch General Practitioner and Surgeon,
Graduating top of his class, at the college of Medical Evangelistic,
now know as the University of Loma Linda, in California.

the year 1951, Brought Dr. Waggoner and his family to the,
south side, the poor meat packing industry side, of Saint Joe, Missouri.
Dr. Waggoner ended his practice right where he started it,
at 301 Illinois Ave, Saint Joe Missouri
over 47 year he saw hundreds of patients both in and out of the office and
Delivered multiple generations of families!

My Great Uncle, Dr. Waggoner, brought with him in 1951 to, Saint Joe Missouri and until his devastating and untimely death, on the 15th day of march 2013,
A top notch "sterling Flying Record"
A new Medical Degree,
A passion for life,
A zest for seeking knowledge
And an overabundance of energy

Thinking back on my Great Uncle Sharon....
I remember as a gentle man, not afraid of hard work and a person who
Made God a part of his everyday living, always praying for our family,
and he loved him (God) and, his family more than things here
on earth.

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