Digital Citizenship

Did you know so many people get bullied every day? Some people are against bullying it makes me feel sad for people that get bullied. There are so many ways to keep you safe and to keep your info safe and how you can have them stop bullying you 1 way for people to stop bullying you online one ways is to block them, ignore them, tell an adult, and report them.

Keeping your info safe one way keeping your info safe is by don’t tell them where you live, DON’T SEND A PICTURE OF YOUR SELF! Don't give them your phone number, if they are bothering you for your info block them or report them. Keeping yourself safe is kind of like not telling them your info but a little different so don't tell them where you live and don’t tell them your phone number don’t go out somewhere with them if you don't know them you never know if their lying about there age if they ask for a picture of you say no and its best if you block them and if they keep sending you a friend request  then block them and  tell an adult.

Photo courtesy #WMSdigcit

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