Saber Tooth Tiger


Saber Tooth Tigers have orangy-brown fur, with a few brown specks on their body. They have a small thin tail with two huge cane teeth. Saber Tooth Tigers have long strong legs with large cat like paws to attack their prey.


Saber Tooth Tiger lived in the ice-age, but were said to also live in woodland,pineland and grass lands.


Saber Tooth Tigers would scan the moutains in search for food and would live in rocky wet caves or under a shady tree on the top of the mountains to watch and get ready to attack their prey.

Biological Relationships

Saber Tooth Tigers would have been the top of the food chain as the Saber Tooth was the predator. Even though this amazing creature was really small compared to the Wooly Mammoth these animals could sometimes leap of their tuskes.

Life Cycle

Birth , hunt with parent when young to teach them the art of hunting , become a teenager, live a life on their own, mate then die.

Food Chain (Web)

Instead of boars the Saber Tooth Tiger ate Wooly Mammoths,Deers and Bisons.


Even though th Saber Tooth Tiger had many homes it manly lived in Tundra.

Interesting facts!

Smilodon (Smile.o.don) means Saber Tooth in Greek. The ice age also had swamps and the Saber Tooths favourite meals where Wooly Mammoths,Deers and Bisons. Saber Tooth Tigers became extinct over 10,000 years ago, because hunters killed them for their teeth,animals were also taken out of the food chain and the climate changed. Did you know that although reowned for their scary teeth the Saber Tooth Tiger has a weaker bite then other cats!? Freaky hey.

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