Ryan Moons importance 2nd

The moon's roles

The moon causes many things it causes tides and eclipses it also has phases. They all would not be possible without the moon. The moon causes two different types of tides neap and spring tides. There are also two types of  eclipses lunar and solar. the moon also changes phases.

Moon Phrases

The moon has many different phases there is full moon, waxing gibbous,3rd quarter,waxing crescent,new moon,waning gibbous,1st quarter,waning crescent.They are all caused by the position between the sun and the Earth.


There are two types of tides there is neap and spring tides. the tides are caused by the moons gravitational pull on Earth. The moon's gravity is not strong enough to pull the Earth so it pulls the water with creates tides.but the sun also pulls the water with when they are both pulling at the same time it creates spring tides.


There are two types of eclipses they are lunar eclipses and solar eclipses are caused by the the sun going behind the moon.Lunar eclipses occur twice a month. We see lunar eclipses because we are facing toward it more. we don't really see solar eclipses because the sun is completely blocked out.

Why the moon is inportant

The moon is important because if we did not have the moon we would not have tides we would have shorter work days because the Earth would be spinning much faster. If we did not have the moon it would bee pitch black in the morning and no one would be able to go to work or school till the sun was up.

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