The Solution to  Reduce the Amount of E-waste on Earth!

Nowadays, we use a lot of electronic products in our daily life. Sadly, they can break and they cannot be use anymore… So what do we do with our broken ipod, computer components, television screen and stereo equipment? I hope that you don’t think you can get rid of these electronic products by putting them to the trash and go buy another one the store! We have to think about our environment! Did you know that if you were properly disposing or reusing your old electronic material can help to create jobs, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and to prevent health problems in our society? Did you that you can make the difference in this enormous world? Yes you can! Today, you will be given a solution to reduce your quota of e-Waste on our beautiful planet.

But first, what is e-Waste? E-waste is the term used to describe old, end-of-life or discarded appliances using electricity like computers, consumer electronics, fridges, etc. These electronic products were disposed by their original users. E-Waste contains both valuable materials as well as hazardous materials which require special handling and recycling methods. Now that you know what e-Waste is, here are the solutions to reduce the amount of e-Waste on earth.


Recycling your old electronic components and product is the most effective that we know to deal with the growing problem of e-Waste. If you live in the U.S, the government encourage is citizens to get an «electronic recycling» certification. This certification says that you are giving your e-Waste to one of these two companies: Recyclers Practices and E-Stewards. . These companies ensure you that they are meeting strict environmental standards which maximize reuse and recycling. They are also minimizing exposure to human health or the environment and ensure safe management of materials and require destruction of all data used on electronics. If you don’t want to have this certification with these companies, you can go to some special store to recycle your products. You can to Best Buy. They accept electronic items for recycling, even if they were not purchased at Best Buy. You can also go to Staples. They also accept electronic items for recycling for no additional costs.

Why recycling is consider good?

Most of electronics devices contain a variety of materials and metals that can be use future uses. Employees dismantle these products and provide to them «another life». By giving products «another life», we can keep natural resources intact, and reduce the greenhouse-gas emission in the atmosphere and we also avoid air and water pollution by hazardous chemical products. By recycling electronic devices, governments of many countries are aiming at some goals to achieve. Per example, the government of the U.S, by using responsible recycling, tries to minimize the health problems that can affect his population.

In conclusion, recycling e-Waste is very important for everything in life! It's important for our environment, for our health and for the employees  working in these domains. I hope you will think at the consequences of your acts twice before throwing your old ipod to the trash.

Alexandre Chalut

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