stop bullying

if i was being bullied i would go tell an adult about it. then ask them how it would feel if they were bullied. it makes me feel wrong because i knew then i waited to go tell an adult. i would go tell an adult or speak up and tell them to stop. if they wouldn't stop i would call someone to help.

scenario 2

that they are scared of him and that they want do nothing about it. we could go stand up for that person and stand up to the bully instead of being a bystander. if i stood up to the bully then i would be a hero for the school for putting a end to bulling. that i am not scared to stand up to them. i thought that the video was sad because the boy hung his self because he was being cyber bullied. i thought that his parents would have went to the school about it instead of teaching him to fight. this affected the school by showing what bullying can do to some one. so if we could stand up for them these want happen to them.