My name is Sarah Cothern.

I like dogs, and video games

I can't keep things organized, but I'm good at what I do.

I just wanna get into a good college and get a good business degree.

And...cute neko, for why not,


I play video games.

And I play video games.

I don't have many hobbies.

Random video game character for the win


My dad is Leslie Agustus Cothern, better known as Mr. C

My mom is Sandy Godfrey Cothern, better known as Mr. C's wife.

Yeah...I could introduce myself as Mr. C's daugther and everyone in whiteville will know who I am, kinda annoying.

I have no picture of meh family, sorry.


That's pretty much my only after school activity.

Again...I have no picture...

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