summary and analysis project


In interlude VI "Sampson" Sampson is sitting with  a kid in a coach after Mrs.Henfield had purchase the kid. Sampson explains to him that everything is going to be alright. Sampson says the kid was shaking like a leaf that was blown off of a tree and doesn't know where it is going to land. When Sampson tells the kid that Mrs. Henfield is a nice lady and she treats here slaves good she even lets them have their own jobs off of the plantation the kid tells him to shut up. Sampson says he wanted to throw him off the coach and wished he was left of the side of the street.

    Sampson latter says that slavery is the best thing that happens to the Africans. And if it weren't for white people then the Africans would be begging for their supper or running around in the woods. He then says that as long as he does what the white folks tell him he will have a roof over his head and a nice life.                     


     In the novel Day of Tears written by Julius Lester interlude VI "Sampson"                       Has to do with Sampson. We will be analyzing this through the Marxist lens which has to do with power. Sampson says if it weren't for the whites the the blacks would be lost. It seems the whites have corrupted the salves and absolute powers corrupts absolutely.  

     In this excerpt Sampson is riding in a coach with Mrs. Hendield and newly bought slaves and is telling where the scared kid will be going. He says if if weren't for whites the the Africans should be roaming the woods or begging for their supper. It seems that years of slavery has corrupted Sampson into thinking slavery is good for them. And the lady being in charge of him for so long  has corrupted him.

     Through out the novel people have taken advantage of others and have controlled other people with the Power of money and power. Just like when Mrs. Henfield bought Emma eve  though Pierce wasn't going to sell her but money talks. And she corrupted his thinking with money just like she corrupted  Sampson into believing slavery is good for him.

     Overall what I was trying to get at is that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just like with Sampson and just like when Mrs. Henfield made Pierce sell Emma. This should help you understand the book in a completely new way through the perspective of power  and what it does to people.





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