My income + Career Goal Investigation
By Imai Draper
Computer Science Class Period 2
Completed March 10, 2014
Results of My Searches

The results of my Choice Survey (A) Determined That I am Most likely to fulfil a Job involved with Social, Realistic , or conventional. the College and Career (AA) handout the three career goals i picked were , Lawyer, Nurse, And Police Officer. After I talked to my partner I Decided I'd Be more suitable as a Lawyer.

Pennsylvania Lawyers Salary
In general the requirements to become a lawyer are:
I have to be at least 18 years of age or older. Complete two years of undergraduate College work or Pass certain equivalency Test. Graduate from a State Bar-accredited or American Bar Association-approved law school, complete four years of study at an unaccredited or correspondence law school, spend four years studying law in a law office/judge’s chambers program, or complete a study program that combines these various methods.

  • Costs Of College

The College I would like to attend is Stanford University. It costs $62,801 For Every thing meaning Tuition, Room and Board, Books and supplies personal expenses, Orientation, Campus Health Service And Travel Varies.

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