Literature circle
Ms Berrisford
Adam Rand


The main conflict is Man vs Nature in the the book Exodus. The people are trying to adapt to the environment dealing with ice glacier and the polar ice caps that are melting changing most of the world into a big swimming pool and have some places that might have a bigger land mass.

The main problem in the book Exodus is that Mara is trying to convince her parents to leave the island but her parents are not listening to her. Mara problem is getting worst because she is trying finding a safe and bigger land mass to live better than living in a village in the middle of the ocean.

I think that Mara should just keep on trying to convince her parents of leaving the island before anything that might escalate on the island or if the weather goes bad and creates tidal waves and takes all the people away from the island and sweep away into the ocean.

The way I would deal with the conflict of being on the island and that my parents did not want to leave the island I would try and try to convince them that it is not safe on the island in the middle of the ocean and if that does not work out and that they don’t believe me I would just build a raft and just leave the island and try to find a safe and bigger land to live.

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