Communication is a process of exchange of facts,ideas,opinions. Moreover,it is a means through which individuals or organisations share meaning and understanding with one other, In other words, it is the transmission and interactions of facts , ideas, opinions, feelings, attitudes.

KINDS OF COMMUNICATION                                    Communications are broadly divided  in to four types. These are: (i) Intrapersonal communication, interpersonal communication, Group communication and Mass communication.
  • Intrapersonal communication: It refers to communication that transpires inside a person; and this happens all the time. It is like talking, listening and relating to oneself
  • Interpersonal communication: This is the universal form of communication that takes place between two individuals.
  • Group communication: It is an extension of interpersonal communication where more than two individuals are involved in the exchange of ideas, skills and interest.
  • Mass communication: Communication with mass audience through mass medias are called Mass communication.

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