John F. Kennedy

By: Hunter Lynch

John F. Kennedy

Early years

He was born in Brookline Massachusetts. John F. Kennedy came from a large wealthy family being one of nine children. John had an elite education graduating from Harvard Law school. He excelled in English and history, the classes he enjoyed but nearly flunked Latin. He was a very mischievous  boy, always wanting to have a little fun. He preferred girls and practical jokes more than his work. After graduating he enlisted in the Navy and was awarded a Purple Heart for the injuries he suffered along with a Navy and Marine Corps medal for "extremely heroic conduct". Lastly, he was also awarded a Presidential medal of freedom.

John F. Kennedy was the youngest president to be elected. He was part of the democratic party and was very good at what he did. John's older brother also enlisted in the navym, but he was not so lucky. A pilot, his plane was shot down in August 1944. The whole Kennedy family wanted Joseph(johns older brother) to be in the political field at somepoint. After his brother died, John took his families aspirations and hopes amoung himself. This is how his legacy started.

Congressman and Senator

To get to the top he had to start somewhere, so he started by challenging Henry Cabot for his seat in Senate. John put together one of the most scientific, methodical, most throughly detailed and the most smoothly working campains in Massachussets history. Not long after winning the election, John met his soon to be wife, Jacqueline Bouvier. They met at a dinner party and were married September 12th 1953. They had three children, Patrick, Caroline and John F. Kennedy Jr.

Road to Presidency

John got quite bored with Massachusetts issues he was more interested in bigger international problems. So four years later he decided to run for president. He won the campaign against his running mate Hubert Humphrey by being more organized and having superior financial resources. In the general election John faced Richard Nixon. Nixon seemed very relaxed because he was such a skilled debater. On November 8th 1960 Kennedy won the election over Nixon by just a hair.

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