Matt Salem
"Under A War TORN SKY"

Character Analysis

In the book, "Under a War-Torn Sky", Henry changes throughout the book. This is shown with the relationship between Henry and Billy. In the beginning of the book, Henry couldn't stand Billy. However, he gets more and more used to him over the book until Billy dies. He goes out of his way to save Billy from being captured and in doing so, gets captured himself. When Billy says to Hank, "Hank, leave me. I'm dying", and Henry says, "No", it shows that he has changed (Elliott 195).  Henry risking his life to save Billy's shows that he has changed since he wouldn't have done that in the beginning of the book.

Setting Analysis

In the story, the setting is crucial to help the plot. Whenever Henry lands on German soil, near the Swiss border, it is extremely lucky because had Henry landed anywhere else, he would not have ever made it to the Swiss border. Also, by Henry landing right next to the border, he was able to find his way home. "He clung to his hope that he was not in France, he was in Switzerland", this showed the importance of where he landed (Elliott 48). This is why the setting is important in the book, "Under a War Torn Sky".

Thematic Analysis

The theme that I thought was evident in "Under a War Torn Sky", was to never give up. I thought that this theme was most evident when Henry keeps trying to find his way home, even though he goes through many struggles. One of these struggles is most evident when the Nazi officer kills the dog. This reminded Henry of the time he had to put his dog, Skippy. "He's your dog, boy. You gotta stop his misery", is what Clayton said to Henry whenever Skippy was hit by a car. However, after all of his trials, Henry still found his way home. This is how the theme of never giving up is evident in "Under a War Torn Sky".

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