Ancient egypt
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social structure

This is an example of a social structure in ancient egypt!

this represent the importanceness of each level of people.


Ra: he was the god of creation ancient egypitians belived that he created the world.

Anubis: is shown as a jackal or wild dog . He was the god of funerals and death and was often painted on the walls of the tombs as he was thought to protect the dead.

Osiris: Osiris is shown as a human. Osiris was god of underworld.

Horus: He was son of osiris and isis. he was belived to give power to each pharaoh.

the Egyptians believed many Gods, that effected their life because they all followed the great rule.

So fore one way it affected their death is that they belived that Osiris protected and cared for them in the underworld.

last off is that their religious belief was very imperative. Why because if there was no religious beliefs than they whouldent have anything to worship.



most of the sculptures where of women. also they were life-size in 2000bc.


cave paintings were pretty important back then. Also there were paintings of themselves when they perished.


they instrument they used for music were harps, guitars, woodwiind instruments, bronze trumpets.MOst were musicians.


some advancements in technology were Writing, medicine, pyramids, math, toothpaste, makeup, ship building, tombs, clothing.


they have kings for the rulers.

Khufu: During the old kingdom harsh rulers. built the paramids..

Sonusret I : during middle kingdom arts thrilled during his ruling he was known for his arechitecture.

Hatshepsut: first female pharaoh she encouraged trade. She demanded the same respect as male pharaohs. she ruled during the new kingdom.

Ramses ii : Ruled the new kingdom he was one of the most famous pharaohs. He had over 100 wives he was a fearless warrior. there is numerous monuments built for him.

the reason they kept a orderly society because they had good protection and really smart laws that bright people followed.

written languages

they used pictures to write. they wrote in ink on papyrus. IN 1799 a French soldier found a stone this is called the rosseta stone. that is how we found out what hieroglyphics ment just from one stone.

stable food supply

something that let the farmers successfully farm was the nile river and the water wheel, fish, animals,water birds. the farmers grew wheat for bread, plants , crops.

IN conclusion I hope u have enjoyed this presentation and I hope u have learned some factual stuff.

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