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Robert Caveliar

Dear King Charles

of Spain,

Dear King Charles II of Spain,

            I am Sir Robert Caveliar from France.  I must ask of your assistance to send me to the new world. I will give you what you seek, gold. My crew and I will find wondrous loads of gold for you to bath in with glory. We will also obtain land for your empire to grow on and let you to be known as the greatest ruler Spain has and will ever see.


I plan to set off in the summer months because the ocean will much clearer and calmer. It will also open all of the ice near the new land and here. Ice would be crucial hardship because the English people have already discovered the eastern part of the land. That means that we would have to discover the middle and find water resources to travel up into. I plan to go mid-spring 1666.

Gold and Lumber

In the new land I will give you hundreds upon thousands or even millions of dollars worth of gold. I will also assist cutting down trees and put them on hundreds of boats to give you priority to be the number one seller of lumber in Europe.

Us and the others

England and France are also both going into the new land. They are looking for the same things we are so we must go fast. They are also looking for coal and silver. I want to find a ravine that goes up to the new land. That would help us control the other half of North America.

England and France

If we encounter the other two countries, we would have to battle them so we could have the land. If we are outnumbered, we could retreat so we could save as many people as possible. Also, if we run across the natives we would try to be peaceful but would be ready to fight at any moment.


We will expect to come across wildlife such as bears and medium sized mammals. Nature will also be a problem. Tornados and hurricanes could easily wipe us out and kill us. That means that we should build temporary houses and dens to hide in.


All that is left that I must ask you is if you are in. Do you want thousands of pounds of gold or millions of acres to own? Do you want to be the best king Spain has ever seen? It is your choice.

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3 years ago

I really like this tack! I especially like how you have the game and the webcam! Great work! :)

2 years ago