Manichaeism is a religion that was founded in the later half of the third century by Persian Mani. This religion was said to be the true synthesis of all religions because it consisted of religious influences from Zoroastrain Dualism, Buddhist ethnics, Babylonian folklore, and a small amount of Christian elements. This religion is classified as Dualism because there is a prominence of the two eternal principals of good and evil. It spread through the East and West Asia and even to some European and African nations. However, its popularity was sporadic and flourished mainly in its birth lands.


According to this religion, Adam and Eve were he spawn of a woman and a male devil. Adam had a few few rays of light captured within his body, but he was still the great captive of the power of evil. Because of this the powers of light sent for Jesus. Upon meeting Adam, he woke him up from his slumber, and cast away the seductive demon from the garden, and enchained him far away from Eve. He also instructed him to eat from the tree of the tree of life. After doing so Adam cursed his creator because his soul and body were bound into one and claimed that the creator had made him their slave. It was believed that man's duty henceforth to keep his body pure from all bodily stain. This was achieved through practicing self- denial.

In Manichaeism the body is sen as a burden to man. It is the source of evil within the world, and taints the soul. The main focus of this religion is on the battles of good and evil in the form of flesh against spirit.


St. Augustine converted to Christianity from Manichaeism. The Church argues that evil is not something that comes from an outside force, but instead it is within each human being due to the effects of original sin. The body and the soul work as one and not to separate beings. The body is the medium through which the soul expresses God's love manifest within each person. They work together to express God's love and to experience his love. The body is not an evil being, instead it helps us to experience God's love by working with the soul.


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