A Few Things You will Like To Know About Blister and Clamshell Packaging

Apart from being known for playing a vital role in food product preservations throughout the distribution chain for more shelf life, food packaging accounts for more than 60% of the total value of packaging industry in the United States. Protection and preservation of packaged food material from outside contamination is the principal function of packaging and there are a number of other functions too like preventing deterioration, maintaining quality and safety of the food, and also for protecting the food from various natural and weather elements like heat, light and moisture, oxygen, enzymes and microorganisms etc.

For many years clamshell packaging is being used by the industry in various forms like fast food and sandwich containers, as restaurant take out boxes, egg cartons and also as plastic blister pack products for electronic goods and CD cases. As a popular form of packaging this can be made of nearly all materials and can also be made in every possible design and shape or configuration. These are actually single piece containers composed of two halves, joined by a living hinge and closed together. The hinge is actually integrated into the package not separately added. For many different types of products plastic clamshell is a very good choice as it can also add excellent security features, for they are most of the times heat sealed and are particularly difficult to open. The user will require either a knife or scissors for opening the packet and this difficulty is intentional to help keep the inside product safe.

Similar to clamshell a blister pack can also be used for almost all type of products. In this type of packaging, products are usually sealed inside a cavity using different types of materials like paper, aluminum or film seal. Though these packs can be used for many kinds of products but they are particularly popular for food packaging, pharmaceutical products and also small consumer goods. Blister packaging is extensively used in the pharma industry as it is an easy way of unit-dose packaging and can also save the product from all external and natural elements including humidity and ultra-violet rays. Like the clamshell, blister packs are also usually made of plastics though new environmental friendly paper varieties are now also found to be available in the market.

Though poly bags are not as efficient as clamshells and blister packs in protecting and preserving packaged food products, they are also widely used for packaging and transporting food. They are also perhaps the one that you should be avoiding, for they are not only the least safe but also involve serious environmental issues and only good quality and recyclable poly bags should be used. No doubt protection and preservation are the primary functionalities of all these different types of packaging methods but another purpose that packaging must serve is to make a product look attractive on the shelf and in that respect blister packaging is perhaps the best choice. Southpack.com is known as one of the leaders in clamshell and blister packs and for more information you can visit their website.

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