Middle School Observation

My wonderful experience at Maize Middle School.

Maize Middle School was a very welcoming and very attentive school. I made a phone call about seeing if I would be granted the privilege to attend the school for observation. The secretary immediately transferred the phone to the principle. He was very polite, I explained to him that I was a student wanting to become a teacher and that the course I currently taking at Butler Community College  required me to come observe teachers during their lectures.  After explaining the reason, I also informed him that I was a student there and that my mother worked in that district. He instantly said I could come in anytime and that it would be a pleasure to have me.  I started jumping with joy, as to how quick they responded with a yes.

Upon Arrival

As I arrived to Maize Middle School I made sure that I looked as professional as possible with a nice covered shirt, dress pants, flats, hair straightened, and makeup done. The principal greeted me in as well as the secretary. The assistant principal offered to show me to the classroom. I was observing a foreign language teacher, that is now a dearly friend but once was my teacher as well. I observe here class for 6 hours that day. She had about 5 classes during my visit. Her class room was like a living room, with couches and recliners and desks. She had lots of nice cultural pictures on the wall. She taught Spanish, Latin, Greek, French. She had her board filled with the activities of the day in order. The first thing she would do is go over the lesson they learned yesterday and go over the homework. Then she would introduce the new lesson ask for answers and handout the worksheet. Every class consisted of this organization method.  All classes seemed to enjoy the class environment and kept in order except for one class that was very rowdy. The teacher warned me before hand that this class was disruptive. As I observed the class I noticed that the students wouldn't keep still or listen. Rather they talked, laughed, and were very disruptive. After paying much attention I noticed that the class consisted of nearly all boys except for two girls. Another observation I made was that the majority of the boys were football players or athletes due to their athletic uniforms they were wearing. The teacher sought to get their attention many time but they would not listening, instructed two students to step out of the class and even after having a talk with them, they kept being loud. She would raise here voice and I felt like it was a necessary thing in order to have control over the class.

Next day, Math day

The next day consisted of observing only math teacher due to my aspirations of becoming a middle school math teacher. I wanted to find out if I really wanted to be a math teacher or not. Upon arriving to school the principal let me have the liberty to observe all the math teacher in the school. I went into 3 different math classrooms each teacher had their own way of teaching. The first math teacher I observed was very friendly , she thought her lessons with a smart board. She also had white boards, markers, and dry erasers for the students. As she taught the lesson she would , then after practice each student would workout the problem and show their answers on the white boards. I thought that exercise was very engaging. I headed to another class an hour later to observe a 7 grade math teacher, he was a man. Upon entering the room the class was blank. The walls weren't decorated they were just white and plain. The teacher was reading off the answers of the homework to the students, I thought very inefficient. As I sat there he thought the lesson very unorganized, sloppy, and a bit confusing for the students. I observed students sleeping through class and some feeling a little frustrated. The students took a test for the rest of the class and they were dismissed. The last teacher I went to was marvelous, she knew what she was teaching, and taught it in an easy way. If students had questions she would stop and answer them. She taught 7 and 8 grade math which consists of Pre-Algebra and Algebra. She would use the interactive board and ask the students to workout out the problems together and so forth.  I was there for 2 hours I wanted to see her because I admired the tranquility and ease she had to teach. Her second class was a gifted class she explained. She said that the class was gifted because these students were taking 8 grade math being 7th graders thats why the class consisted of only 12 students. As I observed the class I noticed that the students were talkative and competitive. They asked the teacher out of the ordinary questions that they teacher would try to answer. They would compete versus each other saying to each other that they had gotten the answer first. One student in particular was high intelligent but had problems with frustration. He would get mad or frustrated and pull his hair and would say things like "why" and sort of whine. For example the teacher wrote the answer on the board the problem and he said why is it positive if the problem was negative. The teacher stopped to explain and told him that a negative and a negative equals a positive, that when he started to pull his hair and face and kinda slip out of his chair. She would say its okay, calm down. This teacher was very patient, very kind, and smart. In each class she would go around helping students individually that were having problems. I was thrilled with this experience and truly know what my passion is. Thanks to this observation assignment.

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