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When Barcelona coach PEP Guardiola the presenters read out "laiaoneier. Macy's", the Argentina people seem a bit off guard: "I didn't expect to win a prize. This is a very special day for me, I want to share my trophies with my teammates, because without them, cheap fifa coins I can't get here. "Messi also said, this is a historic moment, makes me very happy.

The combat and his contribution to European football is actually the main rival Platini against Blatter must face squarely the problem of an individual is currently UEFA events organization and is a brand the game operators, are not inferior to the FIFA. Active in the front line of European players, coaches have said, uneven compared with the continental team of the World Cup, Europa Technologies of gold is much higher. In addition, UEFA has worked with FIFA in some major issues advocate, is refused in the European Cup and UEFA Champions League goal-line technology is enabled, an additional goal-line referee.

December 2, 2010, FIFA President Sepp Blatter in Zurich Exhibition Center officially announced, Russia won the 2018 World Cup bid. As a close neighbor of China, Russia and what will be the World Cup's view? Can set off a tourist boom? Let us be bold conjecture in Jiangxi province had a production lamp lad named Liu, a United Kingdom merchants lamp produced by introducing him to South Africa, although the order of only 50,000, but he believes that "this is a very good thing, and opened up the market, a country occupied by the us. Liu believes that sell their own products South Africa and sold to South Africa World Cup, although it earns is a small processing fee, but made in China has left a deep impression to the world, allowing more opportunities for yourself.