Come to my amazing and interesting country!

Niger is the country you should visit these facts are the reason why

Here are some facts about Niger. In Niger the men wear BouBous they are (long robes over drawstring pants) and woman wear a Pagne that is a (colorful wrap around skirt.) In Niger they celebrate one holiday and that is New Years. On that day they celebrate it by setting off fireworks. In Niger the kind of food they eat is Hibiscus Leaves. Another interesting fact is they generally drink after the meal not during. Niger is one of the country's that they speak a lot of different languages like Aramaic, Bauduma, Djerma, Fulfulde, Gourmantche, and Haus. One person from Niger is famous his name is Mahamadou Issoufou he is the head of state. Another interesting fact about Niger is that about 80% of Nigerians are Muslim. One-quarter of a billion children go to school but do not learn even the most basic skills, like reading. The republic of Niger has one of the world's lowest life expectancies and highest infant mortality rates. The life style for Nigerians is Four main types of homes Predominate in Niger: tents, huts, clay houses, and concrete houses. Down below in this picture is the colorful wrap around skirt woman where. There is also a video of Nigerian music.

This is the colorful wrap around skirt woman where in Niger.
This is a picture of Nigerians cruising the Niger River.

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