Mexico Global Village

These are the events that we have researched through the school year. We have decided that these are the most pressing issues. The issues are gang violence, government, pollution, and economy.

Problem #1 - Gang Violence

Problem #2 - Government

This is the political cartoon. This represents the corrupt government. The government is just a client to the drug cartels in this picture. The drug cartels make the most money, and are on top right now.

Problem #3 - Pollution

In this picture you can see that Mexico has a pollution problem. The key on the infographic goes from severe, heavy, moderate to low. In the Infographic there are 8 of the most polluted cities from around the world. New Mexico, a city in Mexico, is at the top of the list. It has the most blue/severe squares out of the list.

Problem #4 - Economy

Mexico is not generally thought of as a rich country. Although Mexico's unemployment rate is only 4.51%, the percent of the population below the poverty line is at 52.3%. Mexico's GDP is only $1,260.91 United States Dollars. The country has an economic issue that can be solved. One thing to do is to remove the issue of the government. In conclusion, Mexico's economy is headed for trouble, but can recover. The question is, will Mexico take action?

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