Victoria's Much Ado Retelling


I lived in a town called Messina, where we all eagerly awaited the princes and their return. I was in love with one of them. His name, Claudio. He was a very honorable man, and a very attractive man at that. The day the princes returned, we threw a dance. We were all wearing masks, so we didn't know the identity of one another. That night, Don Pedro the prince came up to me and told me of Claudio's affections for me. I couldn't have been more happier. My cousin, Beatrice, thinks there is no such ting as love for her. And her arch enemy, Benedick, feels the same way. So Urusla and I, Claudio, Leonato, and Don Pedro have all come up with a plan to make them fall in love with each other. SO, when we knew that Beatrice was waling by, we started about the "love" that he felt for her. After that, I was sure she heard us, and ran back and questioned what she had heard. Then in the morning of the next day, it was time for my hand to be taken in marriage by Claudio. I was so exited when I saw his face. But he wasn't. He came and reproached me for cheating and having another affair! That was blasphemy! I had never loved someone as much as I loved Claudio. And he wasn't even afraid to say it in front of everyone. I was so hurt inside, I fainted. Then, they announced I had died. In the end, the truth comes out, and I was the innocent woman I was in the beginning. Borachio told Leonato that the woman he had an affair with was Margaret. Claudio thought he was marrying Leonato's brother's daughter. When I walked out, I was so happy to see him again. And when I took my veil off, I could tell he was shocked, and happy to see me again. So, we were married and everyting was back to where it needed to be.

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