Colombia, the fourth-largest country in South America, lies in the continent's northern quarter. Its capital is Bogotá, in South America, and the official language of Colombia is Spanish and spoken by around 43 million people. In addition there are approximately 500,000 speakers of American Indian languages.

    The top 3+ major land forms of Columbia are the Pacific Ocean, Andes Mountains and the Cordillera Oriental. And the top 3+ major geographical landmarks of Columbia are the Amazon river, Negro river and the Catatumbo river. The top 3+ major cities of Columbia are Bogota, Santiago De Cali, and Medellin.

Andes Mountains

The Climate of Colombia is characterized for being tropical and isothermal as a result of its geographical location near the Equator presenting variations within five natural regions and depending on the altitude, temperature, humidity, winds and rainfall.

The culture in Colombia is very interesting too. Its government is a liberal democracy with separation of powers into executive, judicial and legislative branches. The major religion in Colombia is Catholicism.

Colombia celebrates many holidays, such as Año Nuevo (New Year's Day; January 1), Día de San José (Saint Joseph's Day; March 19[1]), and Día de los Reyes Magos (Epiphany; January 6[1]). Also, its major sports are football and cycling & its popular music is salsa, cumbia, paseo, etc.

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Colombia is a very nice place to socialize and have a good time with your family. Some of its native animals are jaguars, capybaras, and southern right whales. The modes of transportation are boats, bus & tram, car & motorcycle, tours, local transport, air, and bicycle.

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