Featuring some Jingle Bell Rock & my letter to the big guy

Dear Big Guy –Where have you been the past 11 months?

To the Spirited Mr Claus,

Here we are again. It feels like I'm always asking for something from you. How about this year you tell me what you want. That is, assuming you've been good this year, I'll have to double-check with the elves first.

Anyhow, as per the Christmas Spirit: Tis better to give than to receive. Am I right? So why don't I give you some ideas about what to give me!

A good place to start is by surfing thru the list of Tackks that I've liked! There's tons of ideas in there, such as: My own copy of Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball for NES or a deliciously spicy jar of Ghost Pepper Marinade. And of course there's always bacon & beer.

Even though we've never met (feels like you're avoiding me sometimes but I know you're eating my cookies, big guy) – As I was saying... I'm sure you're a thoughtful gift-giver so there's just one more thing that can help you: The list of tags I've used on Tackk! Take a look at her, big guy. She'll give you a great idea of the types of things I enjoy so you can have the elves whip something up just for me!

One last thing before I let you get back to planning Christmas for the rest of the world. I created you a playlist that you can play during your big sleigh ride! Just pull this Tackk up on your iPhone and blast it (I even included a song for Rudolph)!

A Little Musical Christmas Spirit