Tonyah herrod-corey

7G Digital tech

During digital tech so far I have learnt how to find good photos that are related to a topic of your chose that could be used for many things, I have learnt how to edit them and make them better then they were before on a web sight called pixlr .The last thing I have learnt is how to make a my own web sight with the work i have done on the sight called .   

I chose this picture because it shows real bravery and courage to be a matador and go fight a bull or even attempt to kill the bull and this man is risking his life and that's real bravery

I edited this photo by focusing on the man and the bull and then I put a sticker of a lightning struck

I choose this picture because the man is being very brave going under water  and put his hands around the crocodiles mouth   

I edited this photo by focusing on the head  of the man and the crocodile and then I added a little tint of light blue colouring. after that I an ink border to make it look old then I added some text and made it look spooky

this picture is showing bravery because the man is on the side of a cliff and he could easily slip and hurt him self

I made this photo look better by focusing on the man rock climbing and then added some text

the lady is showing braver because she is going into surgery and it is really nerve racking to do that.

I make this picture look cool by adding a ripped border and white dots in the background, I also added a sticker that said proud parent.

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