Melt Proof Container

Will the container melt or not?

Our class was given they assignment to create a melt proof container. We were supposed to see if the container would be melt proof after four hours. We were to check on it every hour. As we were given the assignment we all started to come up with ideas. We made a few sketches and finally finalized our idea. We though of a house and how it keeps the house warm or cold. We would use aluminum foil as the walls and cotton balls as the insolation. Our idea was as the container was set in the foil it would cool the foil down. The cotton balls were for keeping it cold incase the ice started to melt. Because the cotton balls would become wet making them even colder. When we started our design we had to get a regular cup to mold the foil around. After we had our mold we taped cotton balls to it and then intern made another mold around the cotton balls. After we had our container we sealed it up with a plastic wrap and made slit for the thermometer.

Over the four hours we checked in with our container and here are our results:

First Hour:10 degrees Celsius

Second Hour:3 degrees Celsius

Third Hour:3 degrees Celsius

Fourth Hour:3 degrees Celsius

As you can see from our results the temperature did drop. The only thing we were disappointed in was the container didn't get cold as fast as we wanted it to. The container wasn't even at freezing point and that's why it melted. This was also very cost efficient because we only spent a total of Four dollars and forty cents.

aluminum foil 25 cents per 10 cm and we spent 50 cents

cotton balls 5 cents each and we spent 50 cents 

20 cents in plastic wrap20 cents per 10 cm

$3.20 in tape; 10 cents per centimeter

As you can see this was also very cost efficient.

Job Analysis:

1:Yes the product was larger than 20 cm it was very cost efficient and the thermometer was visible.

2:The total costs of our materials was $4.40

3:Yes our team was very cooperative and we seemed to work fine with each other.

4:I think the quality of our teams work was good we could've put some better ideas into it but we still did good.

5:The biggest challenge for our company was finalizing our idea.

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