All About Me

Sarah Urban

As a team leader, I am most excited about getting to know people who are not a part of my team as well as having a small part in keeping Reagan an amazing school!  

My Family

My Nephews

I spend tons of free time with my adorable nephews.  They are like my own children, with a return policy!

Growth Mindset

As team lead, I plan on modeling a growth mindset by modeling a positive outlook and willingness to try new things that are presented to us.  Also, I plan on modeling maximizing teammates strengths.

Free Time

I love spending time with my friends outside of school!

Gig 'Em Aggies! Whoop!

There is nothing better than fall:  Aggie football, pumpkin flavored goodies and cooler weather!


I am someone who loves being busy!  I love to cook, bake, decorate, organize, read, watch movies , garden, listen to live Texas Country Music, work on our family farm and more!  

Proud to be a Ray!

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