Sayde P.'s Summer 2014

This summer, sad to say, was the most stressful summer I've ever experienced. Within 3 weeks I had 3 deaths in my family. The 1st week was my grandpa from cancer, the following week we had to put our 6 year old Golden Retriever down from cancer. And the next week was my grandma from an unknown death. But, I also did have some fun. My family and I traveled down to Atlanta, Georgia, for my grandpa and grandma's funeral, but my sister, cousins, and I all went swimming in my grandpa's salt water pool, and got to enjoy his brand new deck that he built all by hand. We also got to experience going to the largest aquarium in the world down in Atlanta. (Video below)

For the 4th of July, as usual, we went up to Priest Lake on my mom's, friend's, parent's 240 acre property. There we rode dune buggies, shot guns, played games, and had a firework show.

Of course, during all that time, I hung out with all my friends, and made some great memories :)

Andrea and I
My sister, Lauryn, and I jumping into my grandpa's pool
Maggie and I at a birthday party
Weird picture of Andrea and I :