Human Geography Scavenger Hunt: El Paso

O.T. Bassett Tower- The O. T. Bassett Tower is an Art Deco skyscraper located at 303 Texas Avenue in Downtown El Paso, Texas. It was built by Charles N. Bassett, who named it in honor of his father.

The Plaza Theater- Is a historic building in downtown El Paso, Texas. The theater stands as one of the city's most well-known landmarks, and remains operational today, showing various Broadway productions, musical concerts, and individual performers.

Controversial Conquistador Statue- The world's largest equestrian statue salutes the conquistador who hosted America's first Thanksgiving. Which is American Presence.

Southwest University Park- Is called the Chihuahua sports stadium because that is where the El Paso chichuahua's pitch their ball at the games.

The Highway Billboard of Las Cruces and Juarez- Las Cruces is a city in New Mexico and Juarez is a city in Mexico. That sign is a political boundary of both New Mexico and Mexico because it shows what you will be crossing over.

City Hall- Is a local government building because in city hall you have the town council which is part of the government.

Chase Building- Downtown the is a Chase building that shows Infrastructure because infrastructure is the basic physical and organizational structure and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.

The last picture that is downtown show Infilling- It is infilling because there is a building that can make more space because it has a empty space above it whereas the building next to it takes most of the space.

Map of All Locations

Key: Yellow Star Represents the Place I took Pictures at.