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The world needs good people

Do you consider yourself a good or bad person? Without good people the world would be complete chaos ,and we would not have a working society.

without good people the world would be complete chaos ,because good people change our economy. People are the ones who make up our society.Good people take care of the kids who don't have many opportunities like we all do and who don't go to school,or have a house or food. Without good people our economy would be corrupted and our city wouldn't be much there would be no police to help us in time of need or doctors.

Our society would not be much because no one would be helping each other and there would be so much corruption. And there would be so many people with to much power . And people would be suffering from hunger,death, diseases,and no clean filtered water,or any where to stay at.

Despite all the horrifying  consequences of life without good people there may be an up side of having no good people in the world. Although, I don't know any good reason of life without good people you might.

Good people shape our society and the way the world functions .Without good people none of that would be able to happen .

Letter of recommendation

    I am glad to recommend jackie lenton to your accounting agency. I've known jackie for about 3 1/2 years. I meet her in school. And we worked on many projects together .

   Jackie is a independent woman she is a really good multi-tasker. She is very sociable when needed to be or asked . She is one of the nest leaders I have met by far she is very efficient.  Ad she holds up her opinion against everything . She is very good at arguing to get what she wants or for her point of view.

   Again I am recommending jackie lenton for your accountant agency ,because she would be the best asset for your field of work.

Cover letter

May 25, 1999

jesus l palma cashier

Costumer service

6554 arc street

El Paso 79938

Dear Charles j. smith

Goodafter noon I'm interested in your cashier position . I would be a good asset for your company and I am a good leader .I can multi task and I am not shy . If for any reason I need help I am not afraid to ask for it .

In my life I eventually want to pursue a career in Costumer service. I am good at communicating with people if they need anything. I am also good at approaching situations with people who are mad which will come in handy when being a cashier .

again I am interested in your available position . I am looking forward to hearing from you .

best regards

Jesus Palma


Jesus palma


1525 Shurman oak wood

My objective is to get a good job and keep it.


Ascarate elementary

Sun ridge middle school

Pebble hills high school



Stripping wire

Yard work


Social skills


Job application

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