Energy webquest

by Kityarra Walker
core 1

1. Pillows,putty, and cold cream are made from petroleum. We also use petroleum for Heart Valves and Gasoline.

2. THe department of transportation said there are  247,264,605, gas cars in the U.S

3.There are about 318,030,732 people living in the USA. There is about 7,165,611,340 people around the globe.

4. There were 7 million barrels daily

5.There were 700,000 barrels-per-day

6. It is 10%

7. We consume about 25% of oil %

8.5.3 million barrels per day (based on G7 reports) were consumed world-wide.

9. 5.3 million barrels per day (based on G7 reports) were consumed world-wide.

10. There are over 65,000 gas/oil reserves of all sizes all over the world, varying in acre size, usually the size of the average crop field.

11. Our current use of oil would possibly last 65-75 years left of constant fracking and drilling. Even at a constant rate, a great amount of destruction will be done to Earth.

12. Global oil discovery peaked in 1960.

13. In the 1970's ,U.S. crude oil reached its peak.

14. 40% of U.S. oil comes from foreign countries.

15. This process can deprive the U.S. of jobs, known as outsourcing. The America also spends an excessive amount of money to but this oil, causing inflated prices.

16. The EIA think in 2030 or 2040 oil will be at its peak and in 2020 the IEA think oil will have its peak

17. pollute the air and water and hurt the environment

18. I don't think so because it cost to much and energy dependence are cheaper.

19. THe content of the video said that when oil reach its peak then oil will start running out and i think the video was fair because if we keep using oil then it will run out.

20. I would ask President Obama to ask everyone to do their part to help us save energy. I would tell him we need to stop using a lot of oil and use more renewable sources then what we use now. I think that we she ask people if they can handle a lot of noise the they are the one's that can have a wind turbine in their yard. I think that If we save of a lot of solar energy we can use it to later like in the year of 2020. If we make more dams for energy then we can get some more energy even when it cost a lot of money we can save a lot over the years.

If we keep using oil then it will start a oil war and if we do that then it will be harder to get oil then the demand of it will be higher than what it was. The pollution in the air will increase and more smoke will be in the air start killing off the people. If we go into a world war over oil then lives will be lost and land will be destroyed. That war would be for nothing and every one will be upset with the outcome. Then everyone would blame President Obama.

If you didn't know that renewable energy sources are cleaner and don't pollute. If we use more renewable energy sources it would create more jobs like "killing 2 birds with 1 stone". If we use wind turbines then we can be powering 300 homes with just one. In one hour of the day solar panels can make enough energy to last a whole year. That is why i think i would tell to president Obama.