My name is adriana my last name is torres parras, i live in victoria city mexico.
i live with my family, my mother´s names is octavia and her last name is parras posada an she is 58 year´s old. My father is dommingo and his last name is torres montiel he is 60 year´s old. i have 3 brother and they are married.

My adress is colony emiliano zapata, street december 22nd, number ten.

My phone number is 8341217940.

i´m learning english because i want to travel to other countries and be able to communicate with others who speak englis.

video of occupations/job

Description of palace of gobierno de durango.

The palace it is big and spacious two floor, in the halls has many very nice balcones and walls are characters drawn, many people fit in the palace, has plants out side each door, wooden door are, the color of the walls are white, the palace is very beautiful fully bright lamps areund the halls. this palace is located in the city of durango that covers an eatire block, encompasses more outside balconies, the win dows are huge.

Descripcion of my house

i live in a house, my house it´s spacious two floor but it´s very beautiful, in my house there´s five living room, there´s one kitchen two bedroom, the living rom has a big window i have no chairs, there a very big backyard. my house color is burnt orange, boy with a front yard there three beds, one dining room, there´s a table and four door.

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