Come and Visit Mars!

Its really nice!

Amazing + The red big planet

Mars atmosphere is very thin, the temperature is very cold, and what water remains is either frozen in the poles hidden in the deep underground springs. Mars current climate changes during the year. The season in one hemisphere (south) are more extreme in the other (north) they are less extreme. The temperature on mars may reach a high of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit at noon, at the equator in the summer, or low of about -225 degrees Fahrenheit at the poles. This varies from day to day and degrees on the temperature: warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air the greater the difference between the two temperature. Wind on mars are strong enough to create dust storms that cover much of the plant. It can be months before all the dust settles. Wind have lessened due to unknown. Mars can vary by as much as 50%. Mars atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and therefore behaves differently.

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