The Storm's end - C13

WIK/What I Know

  • The storm is over
  • Gwen is starving
  • Gwen is in a small tight area
  • The flashlight's battery wasn't put in properly
  • There was a door in the mine
  • There was a clean living room beyond that door
  • No one was there
  • There were no windows in that living room
  • The water revived her
  • Gwen hasn't ate for more than 24hrs
  • There was another room
  • There was a motor the size of a microwave oven

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Luke and his friends has been to the mine before
  • Gwen is going to check out the mine
  • Gwen found a flashlight
  • Gwen drank two glasses of water
  • Gwen found a way out of the mine
  • Gwen found another room filled with books
  • Gwen read a book from that room
  • Gwen found a room called the "Whipper Snapper 3"
  • Gwen went to go look at the "Whipper Snapper 3" sign again for some information


Gwen Jones: Gwen is an adventurer, she found a deserted area, which has a lot of benefits for the citizens who went to the catastrophe of hurricane Oskpearl. It has clean water, which can manage to keep the citizens alive for a longer time.

Luke Jones : Luke seems to be a mischievous person, he's  up  to all these crazy things, he somehow has extra gas to power up their heater in their house, when other people didn't have any  gas,which is very odd.Plus, he is not a miner, what is he doing in the mine with his friends ?

My Snapshot

The reason, I picked this picture as my "Snapshot", because the living room, Gwen was in had no windows. The picture is a living room with no windows.