Real   madrid  

by ESTEBAN trujillo

tabel of contents
1. Intruduction
2.history about real madrid                     
.3cristiano and toni kross.
4. players of real Madrid

here in this book i will tell you   about real madrid.did you that real madrid is the best team because real madrid win 11 champions leauge James is a ciddesen of real madrid.james has been practicine alot  of soccer with alot of players that you could search about real madrid Real madrid is a profesional team. did you know that real madrid  has lots of players


History of real Madrid i am gonna tell you about real madrid. irst real madrid exist in in 2013 real Madrid were thinking  of buying 2 players,james,kross.The stadium is called santiago bernabeu.later long ago real madrid couddnt buy good players  did you like the story about     real   Madrid?

cristiano ronaldo and Toni Kross                                                                                                                                            

Cristiano is important in the team.The biografhy of cristiano is 1'80meters.Cristiano is of Portugal.But that thing is about cristiano next i will tell you about Toni Kross. toni kross is famous in REALMADRID. But toni kross is of Germany .did toni kross is good? did you know that toni kross is important in real madrid?

the end of the chapter,by Esteban

               Toady i will tell you about players  real Madrid


                                            Tonikross is of Germany. Now Toni is of real Madrid.  well   James is  of  play in real MADRID,but long ago James play in the ban field of argentina.Mesut ozil is of germany in2013 ozil  play in real Madrid oil play in the arsenal  Cristiano is of portugal he play in real Madrid .his tennis shoes is of CR 7 .iker casillas is of spain,he play in real Madrid he is the goal keeper.Marcelo is of brazil, marcelo is the volante of real madrid .MARCELO is a great deffence of Brazil.pepe is of portugal he  play in real madrid.He has 29 years old.


                            THE END Of the story¡¡¡¡



Here i will  tell  you  about  real Madrid. did you know that real Madrid is so good ? All that players that are in real madrid they are soo good they are very good players.Welcome to the finish?


                                                     THE END¡¡ here is james the best  players


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