by Jaylin Anderson


In session 1 I launched the Cadd software program. when you would have been onto the Cadd software you would have to click on the view tab. Then click on regenerate after you Finnish looking at the picture that should been on there. Finally you print it then cut it out and fold it and stuff to make your car.

session 2

In session 2 I learned the dimensional shapes, horizontal lines and other stuff. then launch the software thing up so you could go back to the car design. So when I did that the module told me to draw a line from the a to x point. It was basically just updating the car program and print it out to see what you have learned so far.

session 3

In session 3 we just learned about more 3 dimensional shapes and the object lines. when we got to the launch page. The module told me to click on view to click regenerate to set the pick to how it was before. From that I just measured the shape that I was told to measure. then how much that was you would draw that onto the Cadd software and you  would build a triangle at the end. Finally when finish you would want to print it out so you could see your progress so far.

session 4

in session 4 I learned I about the types of view sides are important on a shape. Then the I launched the Cadd software made an sphere like the shape we have for a description and drew an 3 square on the bottom. After that I had to draw an square with a cylinder inside of it, when I finished I saved it onto the window c drive.


in session 5 I launched to the house program and started to build my house like get the rooms and things situated. Then you could like do an walk through to see how your house looks. You could also manage the size of the rooms, they all had to be connected if you actually wanted a house.

session 6

in session 6 we had to go to the home software and open your house project then just start to zoom in a little. Then it would tell you to add some cabinets into the rooms. when you are Finnish adding cabinets into the rooms. when you are Finnish adding that you get to add the beds into the rooms, then you could do the walk through to see how it look if you don't like it and you would get to change it then save.

session 7

when you get back to the launch software the first thing that you would do would be to add electric sockets into the house. then second you could add ,light bulbs into the roof or on the ground. finally you would ad the electric cord into roof so you would have the light come on. then finally you could add the light switch to cut the lights on. then print it.

the Cadd software would go with architect because you can build houses or other things. I choose that because in the module Cadd you have to build a house, and get onto the house program. you also had to add all the electric thing into the house. the career for archetic is designing a buildings  and pretty much what you wanna build

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