March on Washington


"That day for a moment, it almost seemed that we stood on a height, and could see our inheritance; perhaps the beloved community would not forever remain the dream one dreamed in agony." ~ James Baldwin, novelist and poet

What does this quote mean?

It means that the March on Washington was a great success and that Martin's dream will come true.

Why were both blacks and whites at the March on Washington?

Because both of the groups thought that the civil rights movement was a marvelous idea.

How did the people get to the march?

They rode many buses and trains from all over the country.

Why did the people support the March on Washington?

They supported it because they wanted justice and freedom from segregation. They also wanted the president ( John F. Kennedy) to support them through the fight for justice and freedom.

How did this event impact the civil right movement?

It impacted it because they got people to fight for freedom and rights for all people to be able to go to the the same schools, churches, and even use the same bathrooms. It also got the crowd ready to fight for people to fight for equal rights.  


There were about 250,000 people attending the March on Washington. This is a fact because if you look at the picture above, you will be able to estimate the amount of people attending the event.


Opinion: The March on Washington was a great success. This is an opinion because to some people is was a great success and some people might think that the march was too crowded and to big of a success because they couldn't see or hear anything because they were so far away from the memorial.

One word to describe the March: big

I choose this word to describe it because there were so many people they went as far back as the tall building in the back of the picture.



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