Bubonic Plague

By: Willow Vega

This is the Bubonic Plague and this is what happens. A rat, A tick bites the rat then goes to the person and bites the person. You start getting large bumps on you legs and armpits. The Black Death brought about great change in attitude, culture, and general lifestyle. A group of individuals known as the Flagellants traveled from town to town beating themselves. Any other punishment that they believed would help. This group was by Pope Clement VI in 1349 and was crushed soon after. The attitude of the people following the disaster was shown in Tomb engravings. Instead of the traditional engravings of the enclosed being dressed in armor or fine outfits, now carved images of decaying bodies were present. Paintings of the later fourteenth century also demonstrate morbid obsessions. One of the greatest effects of the Black Death was small laboring classes. The shortage of labor to work land for landowners created opportunity for those living in areas as farmers. They moved to farming communities and along with already present farming peasants, were able to win better working conditions through rebelling against landowners. This set Western Europe along the path of classes. The main theme that one can get from the Black Death is that mortality is ever present, and humanity is fragile, attitudes that are ever present in Western Nations. In the end The Black Death was not prejudiced, it killed old and young, rich and poor.  The greatest improvement was the lower class maintained their new freedoms and pays.

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